About The Test

This Drivers Learners Test was developed in order to help people who
are studying for learners Test to properly prepare for the real test in a
platform that resembles what will happen at the Testing Center.
The difference is that at the testing station you will be using the
touch screen instead of mouse.

The content of the test is taken from different familiar sources, so
most questions you will encounter here, there is high possibility that you
might also encounter them at the Testing Center.

We did a reaserch by asking people who just came from the test to compare
questions from this test and the real test, most of them said most questions are similar.
We have also been runing this test from our computer lan (with touch screen) and we invited people who were
studying for learners test through driving schools to come and write a test. The outcome was
that most people did not pass the test on first attempt, they had to do three or four test before they pass.
Once they pass our test they surely pass the real test. What we have notices is that people who went to
write a test without passing our test they came back to us because they also failed the real test.
We have tested around 1000 people in one year six months at out computer lan.